The play of needles on the canvas named cloth is the definition of the art called sewing. This could be someone’s passion or stress-reliever. The colorful threads penetrate through the cloth, creating little designs such as a flower, or any magic that your hand creates. Sewing has been existing in the world of art forms for over hundreds of years and still continues to capture the hearts of artists. Nowadays, you can use a Vankyo sewing projector to accomplish complex patterns with ease.

In this article, you will dive deep into the world of threads and needles and will get to know how a projector might make your sewing infinite times better.

Factors To Keep In Mind During Installation

An equipment that could make your sewing better- of course! you would purchase it. Wait a minute, before you set it up- keep in mind these important details when installing.

1. Height Of Projector From The Mat

This little factor here has some physics involved. Ever heard as distance from the light source increases, magnification decreases and the image quality increases. When installing, it is important to take a suitable height, where your sewing mat is seen clearly and you can work efficiently. The tallest placement your room allows could be one of the best choices- considering the science behind.

2. Styles Of Projector To Use Based On Space

It is not always possible to dedicate a huge place for your hobby or sewing artwork. Not to worry, there are plenty of projectors that come in unique shapes and sizes. Have a look at your space and grab the perfect size of projector- who knows, you might fall in love with the different shape just like you fell for sewing.

3. Necessary Lumen Count

In technical terms, lumen count measures the amount of light you get from a bulb. The brightness of a projector is directly proportional to the lumen count. When browsing for a projector, before considering the watts- look at the lumen count. Look at this count and get the brightness you want.

4. Importance Of High Definition Projection

Before investing in a projector, ensure that you purchase an HD projector. These are of much higher quality and provide images with higher definitions. It might now be easier to project your inspirational designs as you watch and exactly imprint those designs on your mat.

5. Versatile Compatibility

Now, this is what you should watch out for. In today’s world, there are different ports for every wire. When you do think of grabbing a projector, make sure it has variable ports of different types. You could be an owner to a C-Type or USB Port- your projector must suit it all.

Different Ways To Use Projector

You might be wondering how to use this projector when you will be busy with your needle work. Your answer is right below!!

1. Use Mirrors For Bigger Projection

Looking at reference materials from your mobile screen is a hassle. Using these projectors will allow enhanced portrayals of your designs, letting you notice the tiniest nuances of your beautiful little creation. Fun tip- the time left after creating your sewing works- use this to watch your favorite films.

2. Adjust With Separate Software For Perfect Projection

With the HD resolution, you might not need an additional software but if you do feel, there needs to be a quality increase- grab a software and improve the projection. The software will enable to improve the quality of the image and will reduce pixilation.


By now you will be convinced that you need a sewing projector. Don’t think too much on where to get these excellent projectors. These are available on Vankyo at affordable rates and best quality. Don’t hesitate and rush to buy these goodies as soon as possible.


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