A garden hose is attached to pressure washers to enhance effective cleaning and home. The garden hose comes in different designs and colors. However, when buying, you need to select a Kink-Proof hose to ensure it lasts long and serves the required purpose effectively. Again, you must ensure the hose you select is compatible with your pressure washer to avoid wasting time and money. Using the garden hose effectively can be challenging at times, and that is why this article explores common questions and answers about garden hoses you should know.

Top Questions and Answers Concerning Garden Hoses.

What is the best garden hose size?

The hoses come in different sizes. The sizes affect how the pump water delivers the desired results. In this case, you need a garden hose that can withstand any amount of pressure while making it easy for you to handle. It could be best to consider a pipe of width between 5 and 8.

Can a small garden hose exert high pressure?

Well, the different hoses have a different flow of water pressure. So even if the hose has a short hosepipe and a small diameter, it will find a way to balance the water pressure and emits water at the required pressure.

How do you know a garden hose is perfect?

Before you get a garden hose, it always depends on your requirements. So, a perfect hose will enable you to achieve your desired tasks without much hassle. For instance, if you need a simple hose for simple cleaning activities, go for a vinyl hose since it is lightweight, making it easy to move around.

Again, if your cleaning tasks require you to use hot water, you need an industrial hose made up of things that can withstand heat and pressure at the same time.

On the other hand, if you need a hose for mild watering, consider an extended hose that can expand and reduce in size when not in use.

Is it okay to purchase an expandable hose?

Some people can assume that an expandable hose is prone to damages and won’t last long. Well, the fact is that such hoses only expand when using to exert maximum pressure. However, the moment you turn off the water, they regain their original shape and size. So, buying such hoses is a perfect idea.

What is the recommendable way to store the garden hose after using it?

How you store the garden hose can contribute to either getting damaged or lasting long. However, you need to ensure your hose lasts long after purchasing it. As you read the manual, there are recommendations on the best ways to store the hose. But then, ensure you keep your hose away from direct heat and places that contribute to kinks.


Using a garden hose at home or on business premises for cleaning is the best idea. The hose makes it possible for you to reach even extreme ends you didn’t imagine. However, if you have been asking yourself any of the above questions concerning garden hoses, at least you can now have a clue.


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